Monday, January 5, 2015

Android custom camera

Android custom camera library.

 Every manufacture of Android devices have a different approach to the camera and the worst part is: there is no guarantee that if you send your custom settings to the camera - the software will take them in consideration.
For example:
  1. Samsung device could care less about the resolution that we wanted - it always took the photos at the higher resolution.
  2. HTC devices would crop the photos. So if your device says that you have a a camera with a 5Mpx sensor, in reality the camera will produce a 4,4Mpx photo.
This is why i created the custom camera app. While developing i had to reinvent the wheal many times for different stuff since Google dose not provide basic functionality that Apple dose in its iOS. A good example is the accelerometer. In both system you can get the raw data, but Apple gives you something more. You can get the orientation of the device if this is all what you need.

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